Medidata suggests mobile health data considerations for clinical research

“Consumers have their choice of hundreds of thousands of mobile health (mHealth) apps”…that “are engaging patients in new ways and in real time, thus becoming an integral part of the healthcare infrastructure,” according to an article sponsored by Medidata, global provider of cloud-based technology and data analytics for clinical research

Are we doing enough to fight deadly diseases?

According to the cover story in last week’s issue of Time, “The number of new diseases per decade has increased nearly fourfold over the past 60 years, and since 1980, the number of outbreaks per year has nearly tripled” (“The Next Pandemic” By Bryan Walsh, Time, May 15, 2017). Pandemics spread because of factors such as urbanization, conflict, sow response, natural disasters and air travel, the article said, and microbes that cause them evolve about 40 times as fast as humans do. “An infection in all but the most remote corner of the world can make its way to a major city in a day or less,” the article said.

Psychological stress affects brain function

Why does your brain seem to fail you just when you need it most? It could be that you are so “stressed out” that your mind freezes at the worst possible time.

At the onset of a stressful situation people sometimes experience a loss of their train of thought, a “zoning out.” Some progress has now been made in understanding the psychological events in the brain that cause the mind to go blank.

Prostate Cancer E-Patient Dedicates Life Towards Making Clinical Trials Easier To Find For Others

The following is a guest blog post from a prostate cancer  e-patient dedicated towards making clinical trials easier to find for patients:

Hello my name is Joel Shapiro. I have prostate cancer and I'm a Python (computer language) programmer. I've used my Python computer experience and expertise to craft what I contend is an unprecedented, ultimate program / application that I've named "SearchSpecifics" for finding the latest and greatest news and information for treatments of any disease or condition and clinical trial (CT) matching which of course is the primary focus of this blog.

Bill Gates, Big Pharma and WHO unite to eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases

About a billion and a half poor and vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and Latin America suffer from one of 18 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Western countries and drug companies, one billion of them – half of whom are children – are receiving treatment for diseases that blind, disable and disfigure millions of poor people in tropical areas each year, according to a story published by Reuters on Tuesday.