Hello, we are the two guys that started this site.  We strive to provide you with the latest and most relevant clinical research news as well as introduce the general public to clinical research studies and showcase some clinical research opportunities for various therapeutic indications from our own and our partner organizations.  Please take some time to explore and leave some feedback!

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Dan Sfera- Dan has been involved in the clinical research industry since 2005.  He founded a clinical trial advice and educational blog The Clinical Trials Guru in 2010 as well as an accompanying Youtube channel. He is now the owner of multiple research clinics, a clinical trial consulting company, a CRA training academy, and a start up CRO.  Dan also invests in other companies in the industry and is a part time Clinical Research Associate. 


Chris Sauber- Chris is a former study coordinator turned site owner and contracts and budgets expert.  Through his investments company, DSCS Sweat Equity & Investments, Chris advises research sites, CRO's, and pharmaceutical sponsors on their clinical research needs.