What Is A Clinical Trial/Que son los estudios clinicos (English/Spanish)Alzheimer's Talk Ep. 4

In our latest episode of Alzheimer's Talk, Monica Cuitiva, a clinical research coordinator for Global Clinical Trials in Irvine, California, shares her thoughts on what clinical research studies are, and what current Alzheimer's studies are looking to test.  Monica is bilingual and demonstrates the willingness on the part of the Hispanic community to participate in clinical trials, but the overall lack of awareness that exists when marketing to this particular minority population.  For research sites, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical sponsors, there is a great deal of opportunity in marketing in this category.  

Any Ways To Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer's Talk Ep.3

Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Aswad share their knowledge and expertise regarding Alzheimer's Disease and the importance of recognition of the early stages of the disease.  Early diagnosis and treatment can provide disproportionate returns for the patients and their loved ones, often improving the quality of life as well as the rate of the disease progression.  Current treatments in clinical trials are testing for slowing down the progression of the disease in individuals exhibiting mild to moderate symptoms.  Improvements in cognition and quality of life are two key study endpoints frequently being analyzed.  

Do People With Alzheimer's Know They Have Alzheimer's? Alzheimer's Talk Ep. 2

Do people with Alzheimer's actually know they have Alzheimer's?  What are the different symptoms between mild to moderate to severe forms of Alzheimer's and dementia?  How close are we to a cure or better treatments?  Global Clinical Trials Principal Investigator, Jason Kellogg, MD shares his thoughts on Alzheimer's disease and the various clinical research being conducted on this all-too-prevalent condition.